First blog post

Hi everyone.

This is Aishwarya Asher.

I would like to start my first blog by introducing myself.

I love to express my emotions by writing them. Because by writing I can express more elegantly and precisely.

I am here to write my opinions and thoughts on various topics.

I am very happy to be on this platform to explore the art of writing.

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Thanking you.

Be blessed. Be helpful. Be happy.

Keep smilingโ˜บ๐Ÿ˜Š







Loneliness no more

I want to tell my readers onething today and it is really very relevant for me to write on this platform. 

Day before yesterday I was scrolling the posts and I found so many people feeling alone or depressed because they dint get the person whom they loved.. Really????????

At first place I would say why do you have to love someone so much that you forget that ‘you’ are important to yourself. And true love is not like as we see in movies.. First sight or little sweet conversation or something like that.. (I have had few  people in life whom I thought I loved but I still wonder did I really love someone as much as my parents?) Yeah even I have been depressed( I am still), even I have lost someone(family member who was and is still my life) very close to me but ABOVE ALL WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS THAT WE LIVE FOR OURSELVES NOT FOR OTHERS.. I have learnt after losing someone( family) that everything is temporary and thats the reason why I am writing this so that my readers dont go through same phase ( even if they are in that phase I want them to come out of it.) 

Life will test you everytime but you cant let it let you down.. Feeling alone/lonely is what we feel when someone leaves us but you have to move on with your life. You cant afford to wait, for time will not wait for you.

Start working for your dreams..

Start achieving your goals..

And you will find life at its peak..

Imagine yourself at that position where you long to be..

Just work for it(dreams) leaving everything and everyone behind..

And you will find yourself where you want to be..

It takes lots of courage to pour out your heart..

Dont let my efforts go in vain..

Start living for yourself from this moment.. 

Dont let your loved one or ex define your happiness..

You have to be happy at any cost is what is important..

After all a happy soul has potential to achieve anything..

If you heartfelt it then one request from my side:


Mood swings!

Yeah I am going through lots of mood swings..

Yesterday at the same time I was studying..

Today I am listening to songs..

I have to study.. Uhhh๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜  

I have to keep reminding myself.. now and then

This is what happens when one is not regular or determined like me..

What more it takes but persistence, will power and hard work to achieve anything one wants in this world..

But persistence, determination and hardwork are not easy to practice..

Really to achieve heights you have to face many things..

You may fall, you may feel low, you may lose confidence or interest..

But giving up is not what I expect from myself 

I am not that weak..

I am strong enough to break all the walls of self doubt and mood swings..

I can do it..

I will do it..

By a proud Indian for a proud Indian

I am watching a movie: Nayak: The hero on Star Gold channel. I have watched this movie so many times that now I remember its dialogues as well. I love this movie. 

From this movie we come to know there are so many problems in India and also the political leaders support the corrupt people. India has to improve..

From person of lowest position to the highest position everyone is corrupt.. The corruption is because of the citizens as well as the leaders.. The problem is that there is lack of nationalism/ patriotism among the citizens.. Nobody cares. Everyone is concerned with their lives.. Just because one is saving some time or money one chooses the corrupted path..  At a individual level it may seem small but at societal/country level it is really big.. 

Few days back I was travelling in a train where few people were talking against the Modi government.. GST is not so good; that first they should tried for few days; that demonetisation is not working and so on.. he told that even now the corruption has not stopped he told that he paid havaldar rs. 50 instead of rs. 500 because of breaking a law and havaldar accepted.. so the system itself is corrupt.. this statement was enough for me to lose my temper and interrupt. I told why dint you pay rs. 500 and ask for penalty bill which would have been deposited to government.. (this was enough to shut him up๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.)The point is not only the system but also the citizens cause corruption. 

Corruption in our country is increasing because we citizens also are involved. In our daily routines how many of us involve in corrupt matters. Modi government has initiated so many campaigns. Are we sincerely following? 

Honest people are either killed or harrased or tortured if they try to disclose the frauds..

Even our country has the potential just like other countries but there are so many problems and reasons because of which we are lacking..

Its the duty of both the citizens and the Government.. Both have to work together and in the same direction that leads to development of our country..

Jai Hind!! 

By and for proud citizens of India!!


Why the path is so faded..

I can no more see the destination..

The path is lost.. so is the destination..

Oh the journey has so many turns..

Where should I go…

Which is the path that will lead me where I long to go???????

So many questions, so many confusions, no answers…..

Am I lost or dont want to find?

Yeah hard work is needed.. but those old good days are needed too.. (childhood)

Yeah I cannot leave without my dreams;

But those dreams need something that is now lost in me..  

Oh where will I find the old me that is lost..

Can I yell out my wishes.. what can I do..

Why are things so temporary..

Change is so hard to believe.. so hard to resist..

The problems are the part of life.. but are they suppose to be major?? So when I have to narrate my story would it all be this??

I am searching a world that I once used to own.. live….. Cant I get those old days back??

Do I deserve this or can I change the way I want them to?? 

I am no more enjoyjng this life.. a feeling of incompleteness without my dreams..

Oh the time is passing by..  Cant this time just wait till I recover..

A noise heard by me of  T.V. which is on  while I am writing this enough to disturb my thoughts and stop writing; my thoughts lost again..

In search of old me..
Yeah these are my thoughts.. I never wanted to write this and more I dont want to publish this..