First blog post

Hi everyone.

This is Aishwarya Asher.

I would like to start my first blog by introducing myself.

I love to express my emotions by writing them. Because by writing I can express more elegantly and precisely.

I am here to write my opinions and thoughts on various topics.

I am very happy to be on this platform to explore the art of writing.

Please like and follow if you like my work.

Thanking you.

Be blessed. Be helpful. Be happy.

Keep smiling☺😊







Home where you can be you..

Home is not a  mere arrangement of bricks and design. Its much beyond that..

Home is a place where good and bad times right from the birth are treasured..

Where family sits together, talks and giggles and sometimes shout..

Where parents and children relations grow into an inseperable bond..

Where a person is in hurry to reach so that he can relax after office.. 

Where stress is released of one family member by others..

Where we help and unite in the bad times and enjoy in the good times..

Where secrets cannot reach even the walls..

Where a grandaughter’s eyes are flowing when she has to leave her home after marriage..

A place connected to our souls and hearts.. as priceless as a gift and as precious as a stone..

Rise Everytime you fall!!

Everyone of us  face failure some or the other day. But that doesn’t mean we must stop trying.  After a child is born, while learning to walk he/she falls often but the child does not stop walking. Instead he/she learns from  mistakes till he learns to walk. You can try blocking the path of any ant what it does is, it tries to go through another way but does not stop. Do try it ( but do not harass more). 

So what I mean to say is continue trying. You may fall several times but do not stop or quit. This is life. It is this way. 

Rise evertime you fall..

Dreams of my Dreamland!!

Dreams that I used to see day and night earlier seem to be far away;

So far so that they have started appearing blur;

I am not as closer as I was before,

Lost in the mid of my dreamland,

Trying to rebuild my dreams that seem to be falling apart,

Trying to collect the broken pieces of my heart that are scattered far from each other;

So I can join them all again to rebuild my dreamland,

Its very hard to recollect them all but still trying,

With the hope that one day my dreams will be fulfilled,

And my dreamland will become reality……


Everytime I see the nature magic is recreated..

Similarly everytime I read Bhagvad Gita magic is recreated;

Everytime I watch movie ‘Vivah’ , magic is recreated;

Everytime I meet small children and old people, magic is recreated;

Everytime I pray, magic is recreated;

When God bestows his blessings, magic is recreated;

Everytime I read,magic is recreated;

And finally the most important

Everytime I write, magic is recreated..😀

Everytime I learn something new..

Also feels so pleasant, serene and amazing..

In response to daily prompt:


The thorny jungle ahead was preaching me not to go ahead but I wanted to go as I had to reach the goal.

With some courage and will I somehow stepped ahead and found that the path was covered with trees and shadow. Just then I realised that thorny jungle was my fear in disguise..

Beat your fear,

And the goal is near..

Don’t let your fear win over your dreams and goals..

In response to daily prompt..

Don’t compare yourselves with others

It is said, ‘Every minute you spend wishing you had someone else’s life is a minute spent wasting yours.’

Everyone has got their way of living life. Everyone’s life is different and unique. Someone has problems now but later are happy whereas someone are happy now but later may face problems. That doesn’t mean that your life is better or worse than that of others.

Don’t compare your lives with others. Its no ways going to change and even if it somehow changes you may not be able to live that life, that is why you are given this one.

God has chosen best for each one of us. Have patience. Your best days are yet to come. Work for them and wait for them.